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User privacy is our mission

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Protect your data message

Securing a layer of protection to isolate all incumbents from prying eyes is important in your digital life!

GEMINI Accelerator uses first-class Accelerator protocols and encryption standards, you can surf the Internet anonymously, and no one can track your activities. Even if the WI-FI network you use is not secure, it can protect you from hackers and snoopers.

The protection of user data is our main goal.

As data privacy advocates, we believe that users should be the only ones who know their own network activities, so we strive to protect users' data security and prevent network administrators, companies, ISPs and governments from snooping.

We never keep any logs, nor cooperate with the authorities. You can also read more about our views on privacy in our transparency report.

Our headquarters is in Bucharest, Romania. Romania does not belong to any surveillance alliance, and local laws do not require us to monitor users.

Comprehensive protection of user privacy on all devices

Protecting one device is far away from achieving online data security. We often neglect other connected smart equipment which should all be protected by Accelerator. With GEMINI Accelerator, you are able to create a secure Accelerator connection on 7 devices at the same time. We have the most advanced Accelerator security protection and a strict no-log policy to ensure the anonymization of data on all applications and platforms.

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